What are your Rumblr editors reading this week? Well…

Molly: I am still listening to Emma and still reading The Dream of the Red Chamber and both are great, seriously. Emma may be my least favorite Austen heroine so far (too rich)—though I am not crazy about Catherine Morland either—but both she and the book are still near irresistible. Both novels are incredibly subtle treatments of private, and overwhelmingly female, life, but The Dream of the Red Chamber has so much more cum in it than you could possibly imagine. You should probably read it.

ClaireI am still reading Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell. So much gossip, so much magic; I’m really loving it. It’s way too big a book to carry around with me, though, so I’m also reading Motion Sickness by Lynne Tillman, patron saint of genius weirdos.

LucyI am reading Herman Koch’s The Dinner, a Dutch novel set over the long course(s) of a fancy family dinner. Half mystery, half…severely disturbing examination of the ills of Dutch society, the book has been compared to Gone Girl. But so far it’s heavy on the stomach-turning, at the risk, I think, of becoming not very palatable at all.