In April 2011, then–Miami Dolphins wide receiver Brandon Marshall trapped his wife Michi in a closet to keep her from leaving. She retaliated and was charged with aggravated battery after apparently stabbing Brandon in the stomach.

For any couple, this sounds like a wakeup call, but for Brandon, the incident had an unfortunate inevitability about it. “I was a ticking time bomb,” Brandon tells ESPN’s E:60, in a short documentary called “Brandon Marshall – Borderline.” “Depressed, isolated, suffering. Carrying a lot of baggage.”

Ever since Brandon’s traumatic childhood—his mother Diane filed three protection orders against his abusive father Fred—Brandon bottled up his pain. “It was volatile,” he says in the video. “I heard my mother and dad arguing one time, police coming, it was chaos. Sometimes I would isolate myself. At the time, I didn’t know how to deal with it.”

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