The Rumblr’s in-house astrologer, Madame Clairevoyant, presents her latest dispatch from the stars:

Aries: This week, for a brief and beautiful time, watch as the world suddenly becomes powerless against you. This week, you’ll be protected by some kind of weird luck, some kind of armor, some kind of magic. Watch bad things bounce right off of you, watch them get deflected, watch them become weak. This week, nothing can make you do anything you don’t want to, nothing can make you okay with anything you aren’t okay with, nothing can make you believe the things you know are dark and ugly and wrong. Listen to Dolly Parton.

Taurus: This week’s going to feel like water, this week’s going to feel like air, this week is going to move you in ways that you’ve never moved before, ways you can’t move on solid ground. It can feel scary, it can feel like a terrible loss, when the earth under your feet goes soft, goes bendy, goes missing. It can feel bright, though, it can feel like a dream, it can feel like the warmest, bluest night air, when your body and your heart start to work in new ways. Listen to M.I.A.

Gemini: This week is going to be full of feelings you’ve witnessed but never felt, thrills you’ve only imagined, joys you’ve only ever heard in songs. This week’s going to be about running all through the world with your friends, it’s going to be about making room inside yourself for feelings that are larger than you are, that are so buoyant they could carry you away. This week, go to bed early and wake up early. This is a week for sunlight; this is a week of day time. Listen to Sleater-Kinney.

Cancer: This week, during long days and warm nights and wild dreams, notice the different ways that you can listen and the different ways that you can trust. Notice the things that move you and the things that make you want to stay quiet, stay still. This week, you’re going to find new ways to live inside yourself and new ways to live in the world, new passages, new doorways, new ways to trust, new ways to love. This week, keep your eyes open to all the strange patterns of feeling in the world. Listen to Nick Drake.

Leo: This week the world is going to feel very large around you, very bright, like the skies are opening up, like the horizon is stretching out, like your eyes and your brain and your heart and your guts are shifting, like they’re growing, like they’re making room for you to hold on to this whole wide world. This week the world outside you is going to be full of bright things and full of surprises. This week the world inside you is going to be sweet and quiet and full of a hot blue fire. Sit outside and eat popsicles and listen to Kate Bush.

Virgo: This week, try to see the hidden things in hidden places, the ones that are inside you and the ones outside. There are things waiting for you that will change everything, there are things waiting that can shift the stars in the sky, there are things waiting that can make you bigger, that can shock you, that can blow a hole right through the universe. All you have to do is keep your eyes open, all you have to do is listen, all you have to do is stay alert to the strange twisty pathways and the strange bright possibilities of the world. Listen to songs about dreaming.

Libra: This week is going to feel very warm, it’s going to feel gentle, it’s going to feel like home. This week is going to smell like grass, like lavender, like flowers and leaves and damp summer dirt, so dark and rich at the bottom of the world. This week, spend your days outside. This week, don’t ignore the clouds and the stars and the sky, but put your energy into the things under your feet, the things that are growing and moving and weird in the earth. Eat green things. Listen to quiet songs.

Scorpio: This week is going to be about strange tensions and strange balances and ways to live in a brain and a body full of messy tangled desires. This week’s going to be about an equal desire for freedom and for safety, an equal desire to be bound to the earth and to be made out of air, an equal desire to sing and to stay silent. It’s not that you have to choose, this week, it’s not that you have to choose ever. You just have to walk carefully, you have to keep trying, you have to stay generous. Listen to the radio, sing in the car.

Sagittarius: This week will be so full of fire, so full of wildness, so full of heat. This week, feel the blood and electricity coursing through your body. Feel power flowing back into you, power that you never even knew was missing. Feel a slowly spreading warmth through your bones and across your skin. This week, things that were taken from you will be given back and old sadnesses will loosen their grip on your spine, but only if you let them, only if you keep moving, only if you remember to eat. Listen to whatever you want. Turn it up too loud.

Capricorn: This week, it’s going to feel like you’re moving in circles, maybe, like you’re moving in a spiral, like your life is a series of cycles and loops, like you’re returning, over and over, to the same thoughts, the same places, the same shining space inside your head. It sounds frustrating, but it’s good and it’s right, to move like water, to move like the weather, to move like the trees and the tides. This week, look at where you are and look at where you’ve been and watch the layers pile up, watch your history grow and deepen. Listen to Santigold.

Aquarius: This week, the world is going to give you things and it’s going show you things and it’s going to ask, in return, that you show the brightest and weirdest truths of yourself. This week, you’re going to see what you’re made of, you’re going to see what you’re capable of, you’re going to see yourself at your scariest and your wildest and your weakest and your best. This week, the world’s going to light up all of the blood and gold and kindness that lives inside you. Listen to songs that remind you of your mom and listen to songs that make you cry.

Pisces: This week’s going to feel a little slow, it’s going to feel a little lazy, it’s going to feel like nothing’s moving. It’s not that nothing’s happening, just that everything is going on under the surface, under your skin, under the ground. Things are growing, things are forming, things are waiting. It’s a week of transitions, a week of quiet shifts, a week of changes that you can’t see yet, changes that aren’t going to show themselves until they’re ready. Read stories about islands and stories about forests and stories about snow.

Today’s image was made specially for Madame Clairevoyant by Jen May.