The Rumblr’s in-house astrologer, Madame Clairevoyant, presents her latest dispatch from the stars:

Aries: This week, it’s going to feel so good to take care of other people. It’s going to feel better to deal with problems other than your own, better to listen to stories than to look at your own sorrows, better to cook for your neighbors than for yourself. Don’t starve to death, don’t let your own feelings devour you when you’re not looking, but put them to the side—if you can—and be very good to other people. Let this weird generosity make your world a little softer. Listen to Johnny Cash. 

Taurus: It’s going to feel a little unnerving, maybe, how sweet and good and bright your world is this week. It’s going to feel weird and it’s going to feel wrong, maybe, the way that good things will come easily, the way that good things won’t even make you earn them. It’s a good week to be generous, an important week to be generous. Spend your days with people you love, in kitchens and backyards, and try to be as kind as you can be. Try to share the best parts of yourself. Help with the dishes when dinner’s done. 

Gemini: This week is going to be for looking at yourself, for dreaming about yourself, for spending time in the deepest corners of your brain. This week’s going to be about knowing who you are and telling people who you are—even when it’s a little rude, even when nobody cares as much as you. It’s about instructing people how to look at you, how to see you, how to love you. It’s about telling them what kinds of care you need, what types of kindness, what flavors of donut they should bring you from the store. Listen to Grass Widow. 

Cancer: This week, sit back and watch and revel in how much the people in your life appreciate you, appreciate the things you say and the things you make and the way that the air brightens around you. This week you’re going to shine. If you want people to see it, if you want people to know it, they will. It’s a good week for working; it’s a good week for trying, because it’s all going to be worth it. It’s going to pay off in ways that are surprising and rich and wild. 

Leo: This week, the air around you will feel so soft, the days will be warm and the nights will feel sweet, but your memory is going to get sharp and clear. It’s going to expand in directions you haven’t quite felt before. It’s going to show you things that you’ve only seen in books, in photo albums, in dreams. This week, you’re going to feel pulled to the places you come from, the places you have history, the places you have roots. This week, feel gratitude for your ghosts. Dream about trees. Dream about flying. 

Virgo: This week’s going to be a little bit difficult, a little bit tough. Not in a bad way, not in the kind of way that might break you, but in ways that can show you things, ways that can expand your world. This week’s going to be about honesty: honesty that’s radical and brutal and loving and sweet. This week’s going to be about honesty with yourself and honesty with the people around you. The air is going to get clear, this week. The sky’s going to be big enough that you can tell your truths. Listen to M.I.A.

Libra: This week is going to be about spending time with other people (as much as you can) and telling each other long and twisty and funny and wild stories about your lives. It’s a week for talking, a week for listening, a week for building worlds. Even when your life feels dull—when you shop for groceries, when you ride the bus—you can bear witness to the ways we navigate the world, the ways we make it kind, make it bright, make it livable. Read books about history and books about magic. 

Scorpio: This week is about doing things you’re very afraid of doing, doing things that make you feel young, doing things that make you feel silly, doing things that bring you closer to a kind of soft happiness you thought was too far away to touch. It’s a good week for spending whole days lying in the grass, sitting on your stoop, driving around with the windows down. It’s a good week for wearing bright clothes and short shorts and getting a goofy tattoo. Listen to songs that make you feel like the world is opening up. Read Imogen Binnie. 

Sagittarius: This week’s going to be about feelings of kindness and empathy that are wide and green and intense, feelings that might make you bigger and might make you wiser and might just be too bright to look at, too strong to hold. Try, though, to hold onto this weird empathy you feel for the people who you’ve blamed and people you’ve hated and people whose worlds are tangled and difficult. This week is about kindness strong enough get you drunk, kindness strong enough to knock you over. Listen to The Mountain Goats.

Capricorn: If you start to feel small this week, if you start to feel like you’re shrinking, if you start to feel like your world does not belong to you, it will be a great week for fighting back. It will be a great week for saying no, a great week for being loud, a great week for giving dirty looks to the people on the bus or in the street or in your house. This week, you do not have to take anything from anyone, if you can decide not to. This week, listen to Salt & Pepa. This week, get wild. 

Aquarius: This week’s going to be great and it’s going to be weird. It’s going to be a little noisy, a little joyful, a little wild. This week will move in directions that don’t make sense, along lines that are crooked and twisted and bright, through spaces you’ve never heard of, never seen. Your world’s going to drive you crazy, this week, if you try to make sense of it. This week, try to go along for the ride; try to keep your eyes open. Read about the ocean. Read about black holes. Listen to Deerhoof. 

Pisces: This week, every place you go is going to seem kind, every place you go will welcome you, will treat you well, will make space for you to sit down, to relax, to stretch out into yourself. This week is going to be full of generosity, full of good luck, full of coincidences and gifts. It’s going to be a great week to move, a great week to try, a great week to sit under the sky in the evening and know that the world will give you what you need. Read Lynda Barry.

Today’s image was made specially for Madame Clairevoyant by Jen May.