What are your Rumblr editors reading this week? Well…

Molly: I can’t even deal with how good Hilton Als’s White Girls is. I love reading about Hilton Als’s ring worm. I love reading about how much soda he drank as a child. I love how much trouble I have distinguishing lover from friend from whatever else. Reading this book I am realizing that there are no different kinds of love, unless you mean the different kind of love you feel for each different person. Friend love, romance love, family love is all the same love. So, yeah, I love this.

Claire: I’m reading a copy of Octavia Butler’s Parable of the Sower that an old client left behind at work. It’s a brutal and terrifying and lovely book that everyone should read, and it’s making me so happy to think of all the high schoolers who read this book before it was taken and then forgotten at my work. Every few pages there are small traces of other readers—underlining, smears of food, sticky notes that read “foreshadowing??” or “SICKNESS” or “!?”—and it’s so perfect, exactly how this book should be read. 

LucyI am pumping up my subway rides with segments of Karen Russell’s Swamplandia!, a riveting and rather exhausting coming-of-age novel set in Floridian swamplands and around the various hardships facing the zany Bigtree family, who own an alligator-centric amusement park. I was worried, actually, that I would find the whole thing altogether too zany (“kitschy,” a friend who I’ve discussed this novel with would chime in here to say), but Russell pulls it off with a great deal of startling humor, obvious hard hours spent on reptilian research, and genuine feeling. So far, it’s alternately heartrending and hilarious and I can very much understand the attention it’s received.