The Rumblr’s in-house astrologer, Madame Clairevoyant, presents her latest dispatch from the stars:

AriesThis week is about looking ahead of you and looking behind you, about locating yourself in this big wild expanse of time. This week is about seeing the forces that made you, that made your parents, that made the soil and the sky and the oceans. Think of all the ways you can live in this world, think of all the worlds you could live in. Think of the ghosts that speak to you every day, think of the ghost that you’ll be someday. Read books about history, read books about the future, read poems from a thousand years ago.

TaurusThis week, restlessness and quiet sneaking feelings of discontent are going to lead you to places far away, wide open, scary and wonderful, places you’ve only imagined, places you’ve seen in dreams. Try to ride out the things that make you nervous, the things that make you doubt. Try to see how far the take you, try to see what strange new landscapes they can show you. Bring your friends with you to these weird new worlds, if you can. Read Renata Adler.

GeminiThis week is going to be best and most bright if you work to listen to other people, listen to their stories, listen to the things they can only tell you with their hands, their bodies, their silence. Listen to the sounds your house makes at noon, at midnight, at three in the morning. Listen to the wind, to the thunder, to the sirens down the street, to all of the small things the world can tell you. It’s a good week to find yourself in the sounds that surround you g. It’s a good week to read Chris Abani.

CancerThis week, the boundaries and edges and limitations of the world are going to feel stark, real. They’re going to scare you a little bit. It will help, it will feel easier, to work on surviving, to work on going through the motions (if you have to), to work on finding joy in the small spaces: driving home on the quiet highway late at night, or sitting on the porch with your friends after dinner, or waking up to smell the fresh early morning. Read Tatyana Tolstaya and think about magic.

LeoThis week will ask you to be in motion, will ask you step up, will ask you to do things that are difficult, that seem impossible. You’ll go places this week that are strange, that remind you of dark forests or tightropes or thunderstorms. It’s not going to be a soft week and it’s not going to be a simple week but all the energy you put into the world right now is going to grow large, going to shift, going to solidify, going to bring you unexpected good things. Read Imogen Binnie.

VirgoThis week is going to show you new ways to move. It’s going to show you how worlds shift. This week, if you look, the air will be clear enough that you can see things as they really are, as they could be. It’s a really good week to go to the movies, to sit in the dark, to watch stories. It’s a really good week to ride the bus and look at houses and watch neighborhoods move past the window. It’s a good week to wake up early and make yourself coffee and watch the sky brighten all around you.

LibraThis week is going to feel fresh, it’s going to feel new, it’s going to feel intensely bright and green, like the color of rainy spring days, like the color of young plants. It’s a good week for you to treat your friendships with a lot of careful tenderness, the old ones, the new ones, the strange ones. It’s a good week to treat your own fragile self like a fresh new thing that needs sun and rain and food, that needs to be talked to. Listen to songs about beaches.

ScorpioThis week’s going to be a little bit slow—not in a way that will frustrate you, but in a sweet way, a way that’s thoughtful and languid—the kind of slowness where things can grow. It’s a good week to read long books and to watch quiet movies where nothing happens. It’s a good week to write letters to your friends who live far away or to one who lives down the street, a good week to put the things inside of you that need time, that need care, that can’t be said out loud, on paper, to make them real.

SagittariusYou might feel a little bit lost, this week, or feel a little weird, or start to find your own the way you move and what you want fuzzy and hard to understand. This feeling can be a kind of panic, as cold and slow as ice, and it’s okay. When this happens, it will be good to turn to the things that have kept you safe before. It’s a good week to read your old favorite books on the bus, to eat the the foods you used to eat every day, to dream the dreams of your childhood, over and over and over again.

CapricornThis week you might find yourself feeling a little distant, maybe in a way that’s a little unpleasant, maybe in a way that makes you feel free and peaceful. Either way, when you start to feel far away from the things that make up your life, work to notice the things you do feel close to: your thoughts or your loneliness or your books or your cat or the person who sells you coffee in the morning. Remember the things that still hold you, the things that bind you to this earth, the things that will not let you drift away. Read bell hooks.

AquariusThis week is a good week to let your emotions go quiet, to let your feelings rest. It’s a good week to live for the things that are close to you, the people you love and the people you see on the street, the earth under your feet and the sky above your city. Remember the things that are large and remember the things that are far away, but this is a good week to focus what you can see, on what you can touch, when you walk out the door in the morning.

PiscesThis week is for trusting your own knowledge and your own desires and your own self above anything anyone else can tell you. Not that you should be weird about it, not that your friends or your mom aren’t a little right, too—just that this week, it’s okay and good for you to hold your own knowledge of your life closer than anything else, to trust it, to carry it in your pocket, to hold it under your pillow when you sleep. Remind yourself who you are, remind yourself of the ways that you can move through your world. Listen to Nina Simone.

Today’s image was made specially for Madame Clairevoyant by Jen May.