“Okay,” I say. “But what the hell is a Multiverse Spectrometer?”

“It sees multiverses,” my editor says, as if this should have been obvious. “You know. Like in the DC comic books.”

That’s all he had to say; I understood him then. It’s the theory that there’s not just one universe but many, all coexisting at once, and that in these other universes, events unfold in slightly or drastically different ways than in ours. In fact, if I understand the theory right, and take it to its logical conclusion, it means that everyone is everything and everyone else. We all go through every possible permutation of life throughout the Multiverse. There are universes, in other words, where I am a murderer, and others where I am the murdered, others where I’m a famous rock star or can move objects with my mind, and many others where I’m just sitting in a room somewhere wasting my life, like I’m doing right now.

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