“We tried to be writers in Brooklyn. We hosted a reading series that was written-up in the places you’d want your little poetry reading series to be written-up, made hand-bound poetry chapbooks and a literary magazine with an excruciatingly DIY screen-printed cover. We were living the Brooklyn life: downing dirty martinis and whiskeys to close the bar at 4 a.m., sleeping until 1 the next day and nursing hangovers with greasy BLTs and omelets of pure gluttony, then off to another reading, another show, another museum opening, then Monday morning and the subway ride into Midtown, SoHo, Union Square (there were so many entry level jobs) not really making enough to pay rent.”
Diamonds And Rust #1: Nostalgia, Form And Noise by Katy Henriksen, The Rumpus's Music Editor.