A little bit about The Last Book I Loved series, a partnership between The Rumpus and Tumblr to discover YOU: the fabulous, literate, funny, and smart members of Tumblr. This week we selected an essay from Tumblr user Stephanie Wong and it is a knockout. She talks about women and failure and being invisible and the power of that invisibility. She talks about obsession and art and trips, both physical and otherwise. Read it, either over at Storyboard, at The Rumpus, or even here.

If you’ve already submitted something to us, sit tight! We’ve read (and are continuing to read) your work and we can’t get enough of it. We’ve got some fantastic essays already lined up to go out in the coming weeks.

If you haven’t submitted something, you still have time! We’ll be continuing to read over the next few months as the series continues. We are super excited about it, and super excited about you.

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