“I mean, girl, we’ve gotta look at people’s intentions toward us. Anyone who would try to shut you down or shut me down is a person who doesn’t want the best for you. If I got on the phone today and I said, “Oh, girl, listen to your dad, don’t write your truth,” I’m not a person who has your best intentions in mind. And you should be like, “Thanks Samantha, good to talk to you,” and write me off as a person who doesn’t care about you—because I don’t if I tell you to shut yourself down.”

I abhor the Niagara

in winter
the difficult beauty

of its frozen falls
and all they’ve

come to represent.

— A poem from House of Deer by Sasha Steensen, reviewed by Molly Sutton Kiefer at The Rumpus.
“The “Lady Neurotic,” as I affectionately dub her, is having a major moment in pop culture, and many people have a hard time conceptualizing any twenty-something female character that isn’t on the brink of falling apart. We see this character throughout Lena Dunham’s Girls, where a slew of narcissistic young women guzzle too much alcohol and make a living telling self-deprecating jokes about their lady parts and lady feelings. We see her on The New Girl, where the simultaneously loved and reviled Zooey Deschanel cries her way into a new apartment. We see her in the film Bridesmaids, where Kristen Wiig’s character Annie has lackluster sex with a boyfriend who treats her like dirt.”
The Rumpus Review of Obvious Child by Arielle Bernstein.
Here’s today’s Daily GIF!
This week’s gifs were selected by artist Migueltzinta C. Solis. Check out his work and follow him on Tumblr!

Here’s today’s Daily GIF!

This week’s gifs were selected by artist Migueltzinta C. Solis. Check out his work and follow him on Tumblr!


Days you are sick, we get dressed slow,
find our hats and ride the train.
We pass a junkyard and the bay,
then a dark tunnel, then a dark tunnel.

You lose your hat. I find it. The train
sighs open at Burlingame,
past dark tons of scrap and water.
I carry you down the black steps.

Burlingame is the size of joy:
a race past bakeries, gold rings
in open black cases. I don’t care
who sees my crooked smile

or what erases it, past the bakery,
when you tire. We ride the blades again
beside the crooked bay. You smile.
I hold you like a hole holds light.

We wear our hats and ride the knives.
They cannot fix you. They try and try.
Tunnel! Into the dark open we go.
Days you are sick, we get dressed slow.

From House on Fire by Maria Hummel, reviewed at The Rumpus by Laura Haynes.

“I’ve never been one of those authors who fully creates a character in some form distinct from the writing of the story. I don’t do character sketches or “learn” (which actually means invent) things like what they wore to Halloween at the age of eight, or how recently they’ve been to the dentist – unless that comes up naturally. I can understand why people do that, but I tend to start with a few big-picture facts, or not even those, but with a situation or, as in the case of this book, an opening sentence, and then make it all up as I go along.”
“All of the jobs you used to have as a writer that you didn’t want but had anyway—something to put bread and beer on the table while you were writing your book—even those jobs are drying up.”
Black Cloud by Juliet Escoria is a book about drugs that is not a Drug Book. Although each first-person story cycles through a litany of mind-altering substances—coke, meth, weed, ketamine, cutting, and antidepressants, to name a few—the deeper stories take place in between lines, hits, and swigs.”



My name is Fobazi, and I live in the great state of New Jersey, and I just finished graduated from Rutgers University. For the past two years, I have pursued a Masters in Library Science, and I recently got a full-time job.

But the job doesn’t start until after Labor Day. So my immediate need is for funds to move out of my house.

Right now I live with my mother. She makes home a very unsafe place for me to live. She is an extremely conservative Christian and a pastor and constantly derides my “choice” in sexuality. On top of that, she constantly takes all of my savings.

At this moment, I have less than $50 to my name because my mom found my hidden savings. My job doesn’t start until after labor day and I wasn’t able to work this summer due to immobility.

So with this, I am asking for the kindness of others to help me save up $2400 to pay the security deposit on an apartment.

All money donated will go towards a savings account I am setting aside explicitly to save for an apartment. Any extra funds past my goal will be put towards othernecessities.

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