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When Scott spoke to Ward, she had recently lost her full time job as an architect somewhat out of the blue. She has carpentry and building skills to fall back on, but rather than diving right back into something, she was savoring the uncertainty and the open space that being fired had created in her life.

Something that terrified me about the 9-to-5 was that time would move so fast in a way. You’d spend all week waiting for the weekend. You’d have all these things that you’d want to jam into these two days and it would make it so that a month would go by so quickly. And I realized that your whole life could be gone… It scared the shit out of me.

“The power structure ought to be very simple: the storyteller possesses the tale, and imparts it to an audience. One has the original, and the other creates, upon hearing it, a copy in their own minds. In a way, this is how a community is formed: through a sharing of stories.

But the dynamics of an interrogation result in a complete power shift: a story is no longer something to be shared or accepted, but something to be coerced, questioned, tested, and enslaved. With power now located in the interrogator’s hands, how can the speaker redeem himself? Tell the truth, or convince the interrogator. It will never be clear whether those two goals are identical in execution, or mutually exclusive.”
— Jeffrey Zuckerman reviews Guantanamo by Frank Smith

Paper Trumpets #8: Perfect Ghost by Kevin Sampsell

"People look amazing when they’re mid-worship. More people should take photos with their eyes closed and their arms up."

“I feel ashamed for the fat on my cheeks
try to disappear, but an American can be seen from miles away.
And Mom refuses
to hide her real Rolex
even when a watch
is unnecessary.”
— From Souvenir by Aimee Suzara, reviewed by Kenji Liu
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“I remember very clearly writing a couple songs, or the genesis of a couple songs coming on swing sets, as I am swinging for exercise. Before I became more of a cripple it was a great form of exercise and anger management for me to sneak on the swings at McCarren Park if the kids weren’t there, to sneak on the swings at Prospect Park when I lived in Brooklyn, and ride the swings and have the Walkman with me. Occasionally these melodies would come because my body was feeling freer and physical, moving up and down on a swing set like a pendulum. It liberated the music and then I’d go back later on and sit there and try to shape them into a song.”
The Rumpus Interview with Chris Stroffolino, of Silver Jews, by Rob Rubsam. Stroffolino has a new solo album, Griffith Park.
Here’s today’s Daily GIF!